Reflecting on racial and ethnic diversity

I have always had an open mind on racial and ethical differences, however after looking at the information presented by Poynter and the quizzes on race and ethnicity, my understanding of the two is lacking.

The fact that genes and “race” no relation to each other, no genes separate “races”, it got me thinking. Why even group the human race into different race if there is no real difference other than color? It’s a social construct.

Something that I found really interesting about race was that it has more to do with geography than anything else. Also that we have billions of ancestors, we just don’t know them because we cant trace back our family tree that far.

Being a history buff I was unaware that  Pocahontas, a Native American Princess, was seen as royalty to the English and it was controversial that a princess was marrying a commoner John Rolfe.

Something that I was already aware of was the fact that humans do not have much genetic variation. I was just unaware it was because of how “new” our species is in relation to other species.

Next time race gets brought up in a conversation I am going to tell whomever I am talking to about what I have learned from this assignment. Show them that “race” is a social construct that really has no logical or scientific backing.


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