Digital Autobiography


Firsts of the Internet

The firsts of the internet are often embarrassing as they were when you are young. You do weird things with seemingly no explanation or you say things that are just childish.  Below are some of my internet next firsts which are both embarrassing photos, weird posts, and my first dabbles in photography. The great part about being young is that you are creative and fearless. Below are a series of internet firsts where you will see a little bit of everything I just mentioned.


 First Facebook Profile Picture


This photo is pretty embarrassing, I don’t know what I was trying to achieve but it’s comical looking back at it. I was 13 years old in this photo and it feels like it was yesterday.There are a ton of weird pictures on my Facebook that I probably need to delete.

First Facebook Post


These weren’t my first posts but they are the first ones that had some sort of content to them, even though clearly nobody cared. Since posting these, nearly 8 years ago, my grammar and punctuation has improved. I guess going through high school really did educate me…

First Instagram Post


One of my recent internet firsts, this Instagram photo was taken about two years ago during my first semester at Oakland University. It’s a pretty accurate depiction of what I look like now. It’s also a lot more mature of a first post compared to the previous.

Most Recent Facebook Post


My most recent Facebook post is somehow similar to my first Facebook post. They both are mention food in them. Other than that, they are complete opposites. In my first post I was years from working my first job. In this post I was well past my first job. However my weird side still exists. I’ve shared dozens of memes since this post but this is my most recent post that I actually created.

Most Recent Facebook Profile Picture


My most recent Facebook profile picture is of me an my wonderful girlfriend Marisa. This particular picture was taken during Halloween night of last year. I was dressed up as Mac Demarco and she was dressed up as his girlfriend Kiki. I got some custom made shirts from an embroidery place in Rochester and made sure the font was the same as one of his record covers. Facebook is a social media page for sure but it’s also creating a timeline of the wonderful and not so wonderful events throughout ones life. I think 10 years from now it will be fascinating to look back on all these moments.

Etsy Shop


Late last year I decided to do something I don’t do often. Take as risk, I opened up an Etsy shop selling vintage clothing that I gathered from thrift shops, garage sales and a variety of other places. After some trial and error, I started selling things. It’s more of a hobby than anything but it is certainly something that I plan on doing and maybe expanding more into. It’s part of my internet presence but it’s something that not everyone knows about me.

Most Viral Momentrocketleague

Sadly the video got deleted by it’s user but the Reddit Post still remains. Long story short, one of my roommates plays video games professionally. He was being interviewed and in the background I come into view of his webcam. Naturally I see myself on his desktop, stop for a second and wave. It was a good giggle and someone decided to post it on Reddit. I guess you can say that I am famous? Also on Reddit my name is 800wattmicrowave. My main cooking source when I lived in dorms during college. I guess I still do weird crap that I did when I was 13.

Facebook Group


Probably one of the weirder things I am associated with on the internet is this Facebook group called Vaporwave Sadposting. Vaporwave is a aesthetically pleasing style that uses inspiration from 80’s and 90’s technology as well as a variety of other things. There is also a style of music that goes along with it that is quite relaxing. It starting in the 2010’s and is still going strong today.

Here is an example of Vaporwave art. 

Steam, TeamSpeak3 and

I am a pretty active online gamer and would consider it part of my digital self. I have met many great people through games on steam and and have been able to communicate with them regularly via TeamSpeak3. Some of these individuals I have met in person and others I plan on meeting. Although playing video games can be seen as a way to escape reality and everyday life, I have used it to gain real life friends that are just as quality as friends I met via normal means.



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