Exercise 4

Exercise 4

This particular collage of images represents something very near and dear to my heart, Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps people become homeowners that normally would not have the financial backing to do so. An organization that has chapters all over the world, I have joined Oakland County’s  Habitat for Humanity through Oakland University. In my second year with the club I have helped out on build sites throughout Oakland County and have also gone to two collegiate challenges during spring breaks.

Although this picture is of some very rough looking houses in Detroit and I have never volunteered in the city, it represents something that I want to and will be doing after graduation. I personally believe that everyone should volunteer for something at some point in their life. It not only helps whatever cause you’re volunteering for; it also gives you a different outlook on life.

The reason I mixed these images together was to put my own personal opinion on the demolition of historic, and once beautiful, homes throughout Detroit. Obviously a lot are in rough shape like the one on the left side of this image, however the city is demolishing houses like the ones on the right. Which are structurally sound but deemed unsafe and too costly to repair. It would nice see the city not demolish some of these homes and maybe have Habitat for Humanity step in to repair these homes to livable conditions.



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